Kain Vinosec - The Nightmare Battles

The Monaural Collection

Throughout 2007 and 2008 I started recording my first few albums. These included The Nightmare Battles, Embracing Fate I, II, and III, The Championship Battles, two Taking Out Anger albums called For Never, and Dark Anger, and a very personal album called +255.

I’ve wanted to record new versions of these songs forever, but the task is daunting and I’ve just never had the motivation to start. I did want to get these songs back out there though so that people could listen to them if they wanted. Unfortunately the only versions of the recordings I had were mono MP3s so the sound quality is not ideal. I tried a lot of different methods to make them sound better, but honestly nothing I was able to do made them sound better than they already were.

So I did a minor clean up and leveling of the audio, and decided to sift through them and figure out how to release them in a way that I’d be happy with today. I cut out any of the songs I just generally didn’t enjoy. Things I’ve never really went back and listened to since the songs were made, and I tried to focus only on the songs I thought people would genuinely be interested in listening to today. I ultimately reduced 8 albums down to 5, and I’m very happy to announce that all 5 albums in The Monaural Collection will be releasing this year! Starting with The Nightmare Battles on May 1st, and followed by Embracing Fate (a full vocal album!) on June 1st. Additional albums to release on the 1st of July, August, and September.

I really hope everyone enjoys these albums for what they are… Remnants of the beginning of my journey as a composer. I like to think I’ve improved a lot since then, both technically and creatively… I would like to get some new music out for everyone soon though! I miss composing so much and with the pandemic washing over the whole planet I, like many of you, seem to have a little extra time stuck in the house.

Be sure to check out the album art for the new (old) albums below!

Kain Vinosec - The Blackheart Power

Undead Fantasy & The Blackheart Power + Updates

When the pack was originally on RPGMakerWeb.com, The Blackheart Power included Undead Fantasy as a bonus. Because my sales have shifted to be more focused towards music services such as iTunes and Amazon, I felt it necessary to separate these two releases so that I could offer higher quality releases without bloated pricing. Both of these albums released on December 15th, 2017.

Since then, I have been working on new individual song releases. Due to personal complications, I have not been able to spend as much time as I would like working on my creative endeavors, though I am hopeful that I will be able to release more individual songs in the near future.

Please keep a look out for any announcements on the main page of the site or via blog posts.

Welcome to Rock Bard Resources.

Rock Bard Resources is simply an idea. A website from Kain Vinosec (yours truly) that is dedicated to delivering content for game developers to use in their games royalty-free once purchased. Currently the site features audio with releases on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, the Unity Asset Store, and many others.

In the future I hope to bring you a wider range of content. Some of the royalty-free things I’m working on include a tabletop role-playing system, a counting script for the Unity engine, and a lot more music. I’m also planning to release stand-alone entertainment such as short stories, and games/apps.

I love hearing from people interested in my work, so if you have time and something to say feel free to leave a comment wherever you see the option.